Our team with Barry Lee, our lead expert in window fashions, will help you choose the right products to beautify your windows and meet your window fashion needs. In addition to over thousands of Hunter Douglas products, we also specialize in custom draperies. With a wide selection of fabrics to choose from, we guarantee that we will not stop until you are satisfied with our labour.

Sunflower is a family business, started by Barry and Cynthia Lee when they first opened their shop in Edmonton over 15 years ago. Three years later, they moved to Vancouver and decided to privately own their company. Today the company is blooming with customers all over Vancouver and with over 30 years of experience with fabric, Mr. Barry Lee can assure you that his expertise is definitely reliable.

Sunflower is recognized by consumers throughout the Lower Mainland as being the most reliable, personal and professional privately owning business with exceptional customer service available in the Lower Mainland. And because of this, we consistently receive great testimonials for all our great informative services.

What we do
As the only private business in Vancouver to specialize only in draperies and blinds, we can guarantee you we will make your house so beautiful that you can brag about your windows to your friends. But, how do we do it? Simple; let me show you.

First, after the initial call, Barry meets with you, discusses what you want and what is good for your house. Then after the product has been decided, we discuss the type of material with you and match it with your budget. After all that discussion, we take your measurement and give an estimated price for you to think about it.

After you have decided to do whatever the product you choose, we start to make the orders. This is where his staff Vivien and Cynthia comes in. We make orders, keep things in steady progress with the deadline and when the product is finally delivered to us, we set a date with you and install the product.

It's as simple as that.

Our services are all-in-one and our staff are very collaborative so we meet your needs thoroughly and efficiently. We guarantee that we will not stop until you are satisfied with your blinds and window treatments. We will work with your budget, your home, and interior needs (we also work with interior designers) so that you can relax comfortably inside your home, happy with your home's design, especially with your window treatment.

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